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7 Wonders of Washington

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We've made a list of some of the most beautiful places in the Pacific Northwest and we're calling them The 7 Wonders of Washington.

We invite you not only to see them with your own eyes, but to experience them. Visit them in person to smell, taste, hear, and feel some of the most gorgeous scenic vistas the State of Washington has to offer.

Explore the 7 Wonders of Washington. 

Wonder Worthy: Vance Creek Bridge

Patches, New ArrivalsEric KimberlinComment


The first in an upcoming series of "Wonder Worthy" locations in Washington

IMPORTANT: Vance Creek Bridge is closed to the public. 
Green Diamond Resource Company has posted many signs around the surrounding area stating:


The Vance Creek Bridge (#thatnwbridge), was built by the Simpson Logging Company in 1929 and abandoned in the 1980’s along with its neighbor the High Steel Bridge, a few miles away.

The bridge spans over 400 feet long and stands a staggering 347 feet high making it one of the highest railway arch bridges ever built in the United States. The rail line functioned as a network for not only lumber transportation, but also to shuttle personnel in and out of the remote logging camps. 

Its located deep in the forests of Skokomish Valley on Washington State’s Olympic peninsula and it is absolutely wonder worthy.