Kimberlin Co.

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Key Case Leathers — Each Key Case is cut from natural vegetable tanned leather. Chestnut and Midnight colors are achieved by hand-dying each piece using all natural, water-based dyes.

The Key Case 

Designed to compliment the beautiful and simple functionality of the Scout Hook. 

Holds 4-5 keys max. 

Measures: 5.5" x 1.25" x .5"

Scout Hook Metals — There are a few different Scout Hook setups to choose from. Each Scout Hook is made from 0.25” thick brass, copper or titanium. 

Brass was chosen for its warm gold color, a heavier weight for a solid feel, and it's strong which makes it durable– but malleable enough to let dings and nicks add character through use. 

Copper because of the gorgeous patina that will develop over time. It's also heavy in hand, adding a unique personality to each hook. 

Titanium because it has excellent corrosion resistance, it's incredibly lightweight– yet exceptionally strong. You almost forget you're carrying a titanium setup it's so light.

The Key Case XL

Designed for those who have a few more keychain items they need to carry with them: a very small USB thumb drive, keychain pocket tool and other accessories. 

Holds 8-10 keys max. 

Measures: 3.85" x 1.25" x .5"


A solid brass 27mm flat split ring and a solid brass wire split ring are both available for attaching anything from keyless entry remotes to OEM car key fobs, and everything in-between!

Other awesome stuff you can attach to your Key Case: 


- pocket tool
- keychain knife
- whistle
- flashlight
- tiny pen
- mini BIC lighter
- brass peanut lighter



For those who don't mind spending an extra $25, the Brass Kappa Quick Release made by Prometheus is hands down the coolest quick release (not to mention the best made) out there.

Sometimes you have things on your key chain that you may need to quickly and easily detach. That might even be your actual keys! This solid Brass Quick Release delivers convenience (and security) in an entirely new way.

A proprietary "canted coil spring" is used to provide a "snap together" action: two pieces, no moving parts, nothing to break and the spring is replaceable if that's ever needed. The spring is manufactured by a company that specializes in only this type of spring. It's commonly used for electrical and mechanical interconnects on everything from heart implants to military electronics to stuff that flies in space. It should be adequate for your house key.