Kimberlin Co.



"Combining the ultimate wallet with the ultimate phone case. The Mighty Phone Fold Wallet is a Hard Graft classic with additional credit card slots and a slightly slimmer figure. It's for those who want to have it all in one place, handy, convenient, smart and organized. It's like having an executive assistant in your pocket."


Ever since my iPhone 6 Plus arrived, I've been wanting to protect the screen when it's in my pocket or being placed in a messenger bag on the go. Legendary leather/wool designers, Hard Graft, are the first on the premium iPhone 6 Plus case scene. I can say with confidence that I've never owned a nicer iPhone case in my whole life. They pulled out all the stops on the Mighty and their attention to detail is immaculate. Hard Graft has an entire line of gorgeous ideas aside from the Mighty Phone Fold Wallet that I recommend taking the time to check out! 


Founded in 2007 by designers monie.ka and James Teal. Hard Graft was born in Austria and raised in London, UK with an ambitious worldwide outlook. They are dreamers who believe in the great. Clever thoughtful and unexpected designs carefully developed and mastered. Juxtaposing new ideas with good old-fashioned skilled workmanship using rich, premium and highly resourceful materials. Accessible luxury goods that travel between traditional artisan and future aesthetics. Constantly changing and evolving but always holding on to the good.

Rattlesnake Lake, Washington